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Free Windows Portable Web Development Stack

What is Winpweb?

Winpweb is a Free Windows Portable Web Development Stack. It contains Nginx, MariaDB and PHP (with composer).

There're also many plugins available which feel free for users to install the additional software based on their needs. The available plugins are MongoDB, Nodejs (with npm), Ruby (with gem), Devkit, Git, Perl/Strawberryperl (with ppm), Python/Winpython (with pip)

The package is very lightweight, only (36 MB), simple and easy to use by using CLI tools called 'pweb' for servers operation like (start, stop, config, etc.)

The portability feature will make it very easy to install and manage the software. Windows registry, users profile and settings will not be disturbed. And also any administrator authorizations will not be required all the time. It will run like as a sandbox.

It's very suitable for full stack developers to build the applications and solutions on Windows platform before they are deployed on the clouds/servers hosting.


  • Fully portable, simple and easy to use
  • Installation only by unzip the package then run it from windows command prompt
  • No administrator authorization required for installation
  • Do servers operation by CLI tools called 'pweb'
  • Lightweight distribution (only 36MB), simple and easy to use Extendable distribution package by installing the plugins
  • Plugins: mongodb, postgresql, nodejs, ruby, golang, perl, python


  1. Download the package
  2. Extract the zip package to your designated path
  3. Open and run console.cmd
  4. Init MariaDB data directory by typing
    pweb mysql installdb
  5. Init Nginx configuration by typing
    pweb initcfg
  6. Running the servers
    pweb nginx start
    pweb mysql start
    start http://localhost/phpinfo.php


You may download the latest software on SourceForge: Download Winpweb

Other files and plugins also available here